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Christopher Hitchens  Colin Powell   Leonard Downie, Jr.
The late author and essayist Christopher Hitchens began our Winter/Spring 2008 seminar series, critiquing political journalism (click his picture for video); Gen. Colin Powell spoke about media and foreign policy for our Fall 2008 Class; and Leonard Downie, former executive editor of The Washington Post discussed "Political Journalism: Past, Present and Future" with our Fall 2012 Class.


Seminar Speakers, Fall 2013
The Politics & Journalism Semester

Terry Michael on Stossel
FEC logo
Will Marshall and Christopher Preble

"American Political Parties"
Terry Michael, former press secretary,
Democratic National Com.  and exec. dir. of The Politics & Journalism Semester

"Reporting Federal Election Commission Finance Records"
Judy Ingram,
press officer, FEC , and Christian Hilland, public affairs specialist
"America: Indispensable Nation or Power Problem?" Will Marshall, president, Progressive Policy Institute, and Christopher Preble, v.p., foreign policy and defense studies, Cato Institute
David Wasserman Debbie Lehardy Frank O'Brien
"Congressional Party Committees and Campaigns"
David Wasserman,
House editor and political analyst, Cook Political Report
"Major Donor Fund-Raising"
Debbie LeHardy, former deputy finance director, Republican Nat. Com.
"Direct Marketing Fund-Raising
--Mail, Telephone and Internet"

Frank O'Brien, president, OMR, former DNC direct mail director
Daisy Spot 1964
Eleanor Clift and Bill Plante
Hedrick Smith
"Strategic Communication
in Campaigns and Governance"

Terry Michael, exec. dir., The Politics & Journalism Semester (click on pic to see the spot)
"Political Reporting:
Past, Present and Future"

Eleanor Clift,
political reporter, The Daily Beast, and Bill Plante, CBS News White House correspondent
"Politics of the American Dream"
Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, PBS documentarian, and author of "Who Stole the American Dream?"
Democrats Republicans Baloons
Evans Witt
Curt Gans
"Politics: A Class Discussion"
A discussion of political current events.
"Political Polling and Research"
G. Evans Witt, CEO, Princeton Survey Research and co-author "Journalist's Guide to Polls"
"Voting in America"
Curtis Gans, director, Center for
Study of the American Electorate
Jonathan Rauch Government's End
Jonathan Rauch
2012 GOP debates
"Interest Group Politics"
Terry Michael, director, Politics & Journalism Semester...thanks to Jonathan Rauch, for his informing book "Government's End"
"Principled Madisonian Compromise in Policy-making"
Jonathan Rauch, author, political essayist, and senior fellow, Brookings Institution
"Presidential Politics:
Running for the Nomination"

Terry Michael, dir. of commun., 1988 Simon for President--see his paper on Presidential Nominating Process
2012 Obama Romney debate
Bill Frenzel and Jim Jones
Gene Healy Cato
"Presidential Politics:
Facing Voters in November"

Terry Michael, exec. dir., The Politics & Journalism Semester--see his "Why Political Journalism Fails..."
"Congress: Party,
Politics and Policy"

former Cong. Bill Frenzel (R-MN), Brookings, and former Cong. Jim Jones (D-OK), Manatt Phelps
"The Cult of the Presidency"
Gene Healy, vice president, Cato Institute, author of "False Idol: ...Continuing Cult of the Presidency"
Tad Devine
Calvin Coolidge and George W. Bush
Tamar Jacoby
"Paid Media in Campaigns"
Tad Devine, president, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh, Democratic media consultants

"Presidential Leadership"
Terry Michael, director, The Politics & Journalism Semester (suggested reading: Cult of the Presidency by Gene Healy)

"Immigration Reform Politics"
Tamar Jacoby
CEO, ImmigrationWorks USA
Dems and GOP
John Samples
Rick Berke Politico
"Politics: A Class Discussion"
A discussion of political current events.
"U.S. Constitutional Theory
-- Original, Living, Other?"
John Samples
director, Cato Center for Rep. Government
"Covering Political Campaigns"
Rick Berke
executive editor, Politico; former political reporter and editor, The New York Times
Tom Rosenstiel
"The Future of News"
Tom Rosenstiel
director, American Press Institute and former director, Project for Excellence in Journalism

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