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Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan, conservative writer and former presidential candidate

David Broder
David Broder, of The Washington Post, “dean” of national political reporters (Broder died March 9, 2011)

Rick Berke
Rick Berke, a long-time former reporter and editor of The New York Times

Eleanor Clift and Dan Balz
Eleanor Clift,Daily Beast, and Dan Balz, The Washington Post

Ann Compton and Bob Merry
Ann Compton, ABC News (retired) and Bob Merry, former publisher, Congressional Quarterly

Bob Dole
Hon. Bob Dole, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Sam Donaldson
Sam Donaldson, ABC News (retired), a long-time supporter of the program, with Jessica Peck, Winter/Spring 2000.

Tom Brokaw
Tom Brokaw, former NBC Nightly News anchor, met with students in one of our early classes

Semester Overview

A Washington Semester for Future Political Reporters

The Politics & Journalism Semester is a program of the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism. The Center brings 8-10 college student journalists, whose career goal is political reporting, to Washington for a Summer and a Fall semester each year (no Winter/Spring semester, beginning in 2015.)

Students learn about campaign, governance and interest group politics in twice-weekly seminars, featuring political consultants and operatives, elected and party officials, and national political journalists. They receive practical experience and exposure to national politics as reporting interns in major Washington news bureaus.

Two classes are conducted each year, Summer, 8 weeks in June and July, and Fall, 12 weeks from September to November. (Beginning in 2015 our former Winter/Spring semesters are being replaced by the Summer term.)

$750/month Stipend, No Tuition or Fees
Students each receive a $750/month stipend to assist with the cost of locating and living in Washington, DC. They pay no tuition or other fees. Students must make their own Washington living arrangements.

Student Obligations
Students accepted for a program are obligated to work full time for news bureaus to which they are assigned, and to attend all seminars.

Academic Credit
Academic credit for the semester is assigned at the discretion of each student's school.

Endowment Support
Helen Thomas Campaign War Srories Alan Baron
Friends of well-known figures in national journalism and politics have helped support The Politicis & Journalism Semester for many years, with commemorative donations. Their gifts honor the lives of the former dean of White House correspondents, Helen Thomas; Tony Payton, a former journalist and Republican political consultant; and political analyst and Democratic political operative Alan Baron, a native of Sioux City, Iowa.

The program is open to undergraduates, graduate students and recent (within one or two years) graduates; participants must be at least second term juniors. Applicants must demonstrate substantial interest in political journalism as a career goal. Strong preference is given to those with reporting, writing and producing experience at school or other papers and broadcast outlets. Published writing samples (from college or other publications) are essential for print-oriented students.

Application and Selection
The program is promoted through participating schools of communication and journalism (see list of colleges on this site.) Applicants are interviewed (by telephone) by the program director. Students selected for a Summer semester are notified by late March. Fall class members are notified by late April. Applications can be directed to the Center by participating schools or can be submitted directly by students or recent graduates at any schools.The process is fully decribed and an application form is available on the "Application" page of this site. Nominations are due by the first Friday in March for the Summer term and by the first Friday in April for the Fall semester.

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