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Summer semester only: A two-month summer program was initiated in 2015. We will no longer convene Winter/Spring or Fall sessions. Summer semesters will be held for 8 weeks, in June and July.

Twice-weekly seminars, internship placements: These will remain the same. In a limited number of cases, news bureaus pay interns.

Stipends: Students chosen for our Summer programs will be gven an opportunity to apply for $750/month living expense stipends, if they need financial support to participate.

Application process:

To learn requirements for your Politics & Journalism Semester application, please see our Brochure page. Make sure you have the most recent version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access and use the PDF application form.
Summer 2016 Application Form
(Due by January 8, 2016. Summer 2016 class to be chosen by February 5.)

Recent Classes.....
Tom Rosenstiel (standing right), director of the American Press Institute and former director of
the Project for Excellence in Journalism, anchored our Fall 2013 seminar series, discussing
"The Future of News." He and the class then visited the historic old offices of the Democratic National Committee at The Watergate, into which the infamous burglars broke in 1972.

Tom Rosenstiel with Fall 2013 Class
Winter/Spring 2012 Class, with Bill Plante of CBS and Eleanor Clift of Newsweek; and Fall 2011 Class, with Washington Post Managing Editor Kevin Merida (joined by WCPJ Alums Robert Pierre and Tim Farnam of the Post.)

Eleanor Clift and Bill Plante  Kevin Merida

(Left) CBS White House correspondent Bill Plante and Newsweek contributing editor Eleanor Clift kicked off our Winter/Spring 2012 Class. (From left to right standing) Samantha Wagner, Univ. of Illinois; Jason Lawrence, Florida A&M Univ.; Emily Wilkins, Michigan State Univ.; Regina Garcia Cano, Kent State Univ.; and Ian Duncan, New York Univ. (Left to right, seated) Dana Davidsen, Univ. of Iowa; Plante; Clift; and Rob Stigile, Univ. of Maine.

(Right) Kevin Merida, managing editor of The Washington Post (center), hosted the Fall 2011 Class for a visit to the Post news room, including sitting in on a morning story meeting. He was joined by WCPJ alums Robert Pierre (seated left, Fall 1989 Class, Louisiana State Univ.) and T.W. "Tim" Farnam (seated right, Fall 2007, New York Univ.) (From left to right standing) Laura Barron-Lopez, California State Univ.-Fullerton; Emily Holden, Louisiana State Univ.; Brooke Self, Brigham Young Univ.; LeighAnne Manwarren, Univ. of Oklahoma; Puneet Kollipara, Washington Univ.; Kyle Glazier, Univ. of Colorado; Kate Macedo, Univ. of Georgia; Ellen Larson, Univ. of Tennessee; and Amanda Sakuma, New York Univ.


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